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Outside Shot with Randy Foye explores authentic stories of people who have been told they had no chance to succeed and that they should give up before even trying. Each episode will transport listeners into the inspirational journeys of underdogs from all walks of life. Season Two of Outside Shot w/ Randy Foye is Sponsored by Morgan Stanley

Nothing has come easy for Randy Foye. You may know him from his 11-year-NBA career, or from his time at Villanova, which included being named Big East Player of the Year. But to truly know Randy, you have to examine the road he traveled. From his birth in Newark, NJ with a rare condition in which his organs are on the wrong side of his body, to numerous family tragedies, to his struggle to survive each day, to ultimately discovering that basketball could be his vehicle to a better world, Randy has defeated unimaginable obstacles.

Throughout Randy's life, he was told he would never amount to anything. It became normal for people to say that he had, at best, only an outside shot to survive let alone thrive. Ironically, it’s Randy’s outside shot that became his specialty on his way to NBA success. He and co-host Noah Scheinmann deliver an original series celebrating people who often overachieve and yet are still under-appreciated. Outside Shot with Randy Foye, includes an original theme and music from Award-Winning poet, writer & artist J. Ivy ( and Aaron Richardson (@jsoulmusic). SUBSCRIBE NOW and share a RATING & REVIEW.

Apr 25, 2017

In 1989, Randy Foye's mom disappeared. He was 5-years-old, graduating kindergarten. After that day, Randy never saw or heard from his mom, Regina Foye, again. Throughout his life, which includes his Villanova degree, his current 11-year NBA Career, and starting his own family, Randy wondered what happened to his mom. But without any clues, nobody could be sure if she was alive or dead. It seemed like it was a lost cause, to remain a mystery. That is until the impossible became possible. After 26-years, a September phone call would change Randy’s life forever. On this premiere episode, Randy Foye shares his personal story of why he now avoids using the word "never." SUBSCRIBE NOW and share a RATING & REVIEW.

Outside Shot includes an original theme and music from Award-Winning poet, writer & artist J. Ivy ( and Aaron Richardson (@jsoulmusic)

Upcoming episodes will include Will Sheridan, Jeremy Lin, Syrian born NJ Mayor Mohamed Khairullah, Sandy Pyonin and more. SUBSCRIBE NOW and share a RATING & REVIEW.